Real-time frozen car windows API

Retrieve instant, accurate information for any location in the world in lightweight JSON format.

    "weekday": "Monday",
    "unixTimestamp": 1613516400,
    "frost": 1,
    "chance": "80%",
    "startTime": "2am",
    "endTime": "10am",
    "hourly": [...],

Car specific forecast
It’s a pain in the fingers having to scrape off all the ice conventionally. Cover your car the night before or set your alarm earlier so you arrive on time for your appointment.
Any location
It’s dangereuses to drive with only part of the window de-frosted. We know it saves time, but easily you overlook a child on his way to school in the dark morning.
Rock-solid uptime & speed
It’s illegal as well to drive with only part of the window de-frosted. That is why this is fined heavily. Please spend your money on something else.

CarFrost app

Usually we are surprised by a frozen car window. As a result, the morning runs differently than planned and we are rushed. With CarFrost app you can prepare for a safe ride.

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"This app is perfect! Saved me hours of ice scraping already."

Hans Zomer, iOS app user

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Never be surprised by frozen car windows again.

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