Get notified about frozen car windows

Winter can be a testing time for motorists with iced up being windows often becoming a daily bugbear. CarFrost will notify you if there is a good chance your car windows are frozen next morning, so you can prepare.




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Tomorrow in Amsterdam
Good chance your car window is frozen by 8:00 am.

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The value of notifications

With CarFrost app you get notified at a time specified by you, so the notification is always in time to prepare for a safe ride.

Arrive on time
It’s a pain in the fingers having to scrape off all the ice conventionally. Cover your car the night before or set your alarm earlier so you arrive on time for your appointment.
Drive safe
It’s dangereuses to drive with only part of the window de-frosted. We know it saves time, but easily you overlook a child on his way to school in the dark morning.
Avoid fines
It’s illegal as well to drive with only part of the window de-frosted. That is why this is fined heavily. Please spend your money on something else.


What our users say

"This app is perfect! Saved me hours of ice scraping already."

Hans Zomer, iOS app user

"A stroke of genius!!!"

ID@5, Android app user

"This week I noticed the risk of frost. Because of the notification I got out of bed a bit earlier, ideal!"

Nick Broers, iOS app user

Experience even more convenience with CarFrost +

Is it good enough for you to check our app every day? Then our free app is the way to go. Do you want us to check every day whether your car windows are frozen? Then consider our CarFrost Plus plan.

Unlimited locations
Hourly forecast
7 day forecast

The miminum you need to prepare for a safe ride.

Most convenient
CarFrost +
/ year
Unlimited locations
Hourly forecast
7 day forecast
Push notifications
No advertising

CarFrost Plus is available as in-app-purchase.

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Never be surprised by frozen car windows again.

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